Welcome to the blog for my KaredWell project. KaredWell is my personal project to contribute to the provision of nonclinical mental health support. The vision of the KaredWell project is to provide introductory learning and development resources for people working to provide nonclinical mental health support. Such people include support workers, outreach workers, peer supporters, carers and any other person involved in promoting nonclinical mental health support.

In this blog I will write about various learning and development resources I am publishing and some other interests I have in relation to mental health. The learning and development resources I will write about are:

  1. Training resources: Introductory training resources to various types of mental health conditions, aspects of legislation such as Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act, safeguarding, mental health medication, recovery, physical health and other aspects that are important to the support of people with mental ill health from a nonclinical perspective.
  2. StoryLearn: Stories about Larry, who is a fictional learning and development manager that just started working in a health and social care organisation focused on providing nonclinical mental health support. The stories cover how Larry manages the organisation’s learning and development function with the aim of helping the company to deliver great support. The resources which are initially published as blog posts will eventually be compiled into eBooks.
  3. Leadabytes: Summarized lessons from books for team leaders. These bite-sized lessons will give those managing nonclinical mental health teams quick tips on skills and knowledge that can improve the leadership and management of their teams.
  4. Curated MH: There are lots of resources out there which can be used to learn more about mental health. I will be curating some of these resources and writing about them so that you can also learn from them.

From time to time I also like to play with mental health data. Though this is not directly related to learning and development, I will share with you my findings from looking at data on mental health.