Larry Does Learning – Brian I Got The Job! Part 1

This is the first post for Larry, a fictional learning and development manager who just started working at Ace Care, a health and social care organisation that supports people with mental health support needs.

Larry punched Brian’s number into his phone. When he heard, ‘hello’ on the other end, he screamed into the phone, ‘Brian I got the job, I got the job!’ ‘I’m glad to hear, that’s really good news. Well done.’ Replied Brian. He asked, ‘when do you start?’ ‘You won’t believe it, I start this coming Monday,’ ‘Why so quick?’ asked Brian. ‘The company wanted someone as soon as possible and since I still have four weeks annual leave, I decided to use it as my leaving notice period.’ ‘Smart one Larry, you get paid two salaries in one month.’ Larry laughed at Brian’s comment and said, ‘we need to meet and celebrate and I need to thank you for prompting me to go for the job and coaching me through the interview process. Can we meet this Friday?’ ‘Hmmm, I don’t think so. I’ve got a couple of meetings with customers and tight deadlines to meet, but I can see you next Wednesday. Is that okay?’ ‘Sure Brian, it’s Wednesday then.’ They both said good bye to each other and dropped their phones. When Larry came off the phone he had a smile on his face. He was glad that he’d finally landed a learning and development manager job. He started out as a training administrator, then a trainer which was followed by three learning and development advisor roles and now he was going to be a manager. While he was excited at this new prospect, he was also quite scared. He had done a bit of team leading, but nothing close to the management responsibilities on this new job. He will be needing Brian’s help a lot.


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