The depression quiz

Depression quiz

At last month’s team meeting Ola told his team they will be focusing on depression during the next two meetings. While the learning activity for this meeting will be done through a quiz, the one for next month’s meeting will be a word-search activity. Ola also introduced an extra twist to the learning sessions which is an element of gamification. Ola has created two small groups which will compete against each other on the challenges. The group that scores more on the activity will get a prize and he has created a leaderboard to monitor each group’s performance.

As this month’s activity will be a quiz on depression, Ola has given each person a copy of the quiz, split them into the two groups he created and given them ten minutes to complete the quiz. After ten minutes, he stops them and goes through each question with them. Ola has prepared answers and some extra information on each question which he presents to them as they go through the questions. The questions cover areas such as, what is depression, how common is depression, risk factors for depression and symptoms of depression. In the end the groups score the same points so the prize is split between them. They are now looking forward to the next challenge which will be a word-search activity dealing with symptoms of depression.

If you want to run a similar activity like Ola did with his team, then you can get resources to do so here. The resources come with the quiz and facilitator notes to run the session.



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