Gamifying micro-team learning


Ola has been developing his team for a while using short activities during team meetings and this has been successful because the activities are short, engaging and include an element of competition. To implement the activities Ola will usually split his team of six people into two smaller groups and get them to work on a learning activity and then give feedback. He’s decided to introduce an extra challenge. From now on the team that does better on the learning activity will get a prize. Ola has created permanent groups that will stay together and work on the learning activities during each month’s team meeting. He is also thinking of introducing learning projects for each group in between the meetings, but he hasn’t quite got their yet. He’s given them a heads up that at next month’s team meeting they will be tackling a short quiz on depression. Ola also created a leaderboard for each group. Every three months the leading team will get an extra prize and at the end of the year a development award. Sounds so interesting.


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