Bipolar Quiz


Soji works with a team of carers who support people that have various types of mental health conditions. The people being supported live with the carers. The carers do a great job of integrating the people they support into their own families and help them to live a better life with the aim of preventing them from going back to hospital and preparing them to be independent to live on their own. But the carers also need more support. Most of them don’t know enough about mental health and they are not given enough training either. Soji has decided to provide some support to them around mental health awareness in bite-size chunks.

He normally meets with them for three hours once every quarter, so he is going to take between 45 to 60 minutes of the time to run a short training session. His first one will focus on giving them a general awareness of bipolar. He’s thought about how best to make it engaging and not bore them to sleep. After talking to Angela who works in a Community Mental Health Team, she suggested he use a quiz to cover the most important aspects that they need to know about Bipolar.

After thinking about Angela’s suggestion, Soji decided to use a quiz. He did some research and wrote 10 questions covering:

  • what bipolar is,
  • possible causes of bipolar,
  • symptoms of bipolar, and
  • the two bipolar mood types.

When Soji used the quiz, it worked very well. It got the carers asking questions and a rich interactive discussion ensued. The carers said they learnt some new things they didn’t know before and also gained a better understanding of some of the experiences they had been through with the person living with them. Soji was very happy with the response. He is looking forward to doing another similar activity with them at the next meeting.


If you need a prepared 10-question quiz and facilitation notes to run a bite-sized session on bipolar similar to the one Soji did, then you can access resources to do so here.

All information in this post is entirely fictional. If it bears resemblance to any real life situation, than that is purely coincidental.


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