Reading Up On Motivational Interviewing


Earlier on when I started working as a learning and development advisor in a health and social care organisation supporting people with with mental health illnesses I attended a training course to learn about a recovery focused tool called recovery star. To implement the recovery star effectively we were also taken through what motivational interviewing (MI) is and how to use it with people. The group of us who attended the training were managers and people who would be involved in delivering training.

It was exciting but the training part of the whole thing where we were supposed to deliver develop staff never really worked. I’m sure you are wondering why? The reason is we didn’t get MI properly and I don’t think the staff we trained got it at all. Currently staff still need some MI skills, not necessarily the whole range of it. Getting nonclinical staff to master MI skill unless they are genuinely interested in learning is not easy.

Last week I came across a book titled, How To Do Motivational Interviewing by Bill Matulich that I think might help to deliver some learning activities that may help people develop some MI skills. I am currently going through the book to see if there are some aspects I can pull out for development activities. In a future post I will write a review of the book. Look out for it.


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