Sherry’s Medication Activity


Today Sherry is going to be running a short group learning activity on medication (see more background on why Sherry is doing this from the previous post here). When the team see the item, ‘group learning session on medication’, they wonder what it’s about. It also the first agenda item too. Kind of an ice breaker. To set up the activity, Sherry gives each person a copy of a short story titled, ‘Mike and medication’. The story features Mike talking about his personal experience with medication. Mike has schizophrenia and his main medication is an antipsychotic called ‘Risperidon’. He has also used antidepressants in the past. Mike gives an overview of what he sees as the benefits and drawbacks of using medication.

Sherry allows each person to read the story and afterwards writes down a couple of questions on flipchart where they can all see them. She splits them into two smaller groups of threes and a pair, gives each group flipchart paper and pens and allows them fifteen minutes to answer the questions. After fifteen minutes Sherry stops them and asks for feedback. Both groups feedback the answers to their questions. After their feedback, Sherry appreciates them for the work they did and concludes the activity by telling them that, I set up this activity to help us begin to discuss the importance of medication beyond just ensuring that each person takes their medication as required. I want you to understand how important medication is and the impact it can have on people, both positive and negative, so for the next couple of meetings we will do an activity to learn more about medication.

In my next post I will discuss, why staff need to have a good awareness of medication.

If you want to deliver a similar learning session as Sherry did to your team or a group of people, you can get already prepared resources for delivering the session here.


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