Sort the schizophrenia symptoms


Let’s go back to Ola, the fictional supported-living housing manager I introduced a couple of days ago. Ola is very much interested in developing his team and realises that full day training courses and elearning may not always be the appropriate option for developing his team. Ola actually prefers on the job development and though he understands people sometimes need to come away from the job to learn, as much as possible he wants even that kind of learning to happen in the work envirinment. Ola has a habit of running short learning activities during his team’s monthly meeting and for the past two meetings he has concentrated on refreshing the team’s knowledge around schizophrenia. This is important because everyone they support in the home has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Today Ola wants to concentrate on discussing some of the more common symptoms of schizophrenia and he’s come up with an exciting way to do that. 

Since schizophrenia symptoms are classified as either “negative” or “positive”, he has compiled a number of symptoms which fall into both classifications and written them on cards, one symptom per card. He has also created two header sheets labelled “Positive” and “Negative”. He splits his team into two groups and hands each group a pack of symptom cards and header sheets. He tells each team to arrange the symptom cards under the right header. Ola gives them 10 minutes to do this activity.

After 10 minutes he stops them and together they go through all the symptom cards identifying whether they are negative or positive symptoms. Ola also uses this opportunity to facilitate a discussion on any of the symptoms they discussed that may be prevalent in the people they work with.

Through this activity Ola was able to raise the awareness of his team about common schizophrenia symptoms.

If you want to do what Ola did with his team or group of people then you can get already prepared resources, which include symptom cards, header labels and notes to facilitate the session here.


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