Group Learning Ideas From a Three Minute on Schizophrenia – Part 3


Here I discuss the last idea you can use to turn a three-minute video into a group learning resource. You can read about the other ideas here and here.

For this learning idea just keep it really simple:

  1. Play the video for the group to watch
  2. After they’ve watched it, ask them, what new things did you learn from the video?
  3. Allow people to give their answers.
  4. Ask another question, how can you apply some of what you learnt to the people you work with?
  5. Again allow them to give their answers.
  6. Finally, ensure that everyone has something to take notes with and tell them to complete this statement, as a result of watching this video I will……
  7. They should complete the statement with one thing they will do on their job based on the lessons they’ve learnt from the video.

There it is, three ideas to transform a three-minute video into a group learning tool. These ideas can easily be used in team meetings to run a micro-learning session. Expect more of these ideas in future posts.


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