Group Learning Ideas From a Three Minute Video on Schizophrenia – Part 1


In my last post which you can read here I introduced a three minute video on schizophrenia which can be used to learn about what schizophrenia is and some of it’s main symptoms. You can access the video here. In this post I will discuss three ideas to use that three minute video as a resource for develop a group learning activity for a group or team of people.

Idea one – watch and present

  1. Get each person in the group to wastch the video before they come asnd write down a summary of what they learnt from it.
  2. Get all of them together in s group and ask everyone to say one thing they learnt from the video.
  3. As they all say thgthge one thing they learnt write it down in flipchart paper.
  4. After they finish reasreasd back to them the lessons they presented.
  5. Discussing the video in this way will help them remember some key points from the video.

In my next post I will discuss the second idea.


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