The Schizophrenia Wordsearch


In a previous post I used the fictional story of Ola who manages a supported-living housing team providing support to people with mental health illnesses to illustrate providing a short training session using a quiz. Ola is at it again. At his next team meeting, he wants to review some of the information he discussed with his team during the quiz and he’s using a wordsearch to do this. The wordsearch contains thirteen words, all related to schizophrenia. He’s going to split his team into four pairs, get each pair to find the words in the wordsearch and define each word. He will provide them with flipchart paper to write their definitions on.

After they finish he will  go through each word with them. This is a great way for Ola to review what his team discussed about Schizophrenia previously during the quiz. If this is a learning activity you would like to do in your team or group then you can get some ready made learning resources for a schizophrenia wordsearch here. You can also get some resources for a schizophrenia quiz here.


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