The Schizophrenia Quiz


Ola is a Supported Living Manager at Exeter House which supports 12 people with various mental health conditions. He manages 10 staff members, 8 of them support workers and 2 team leaders. Every month the team have a 2 to 3 hour team meeting and Ola wants to make the team meetings more productive by scheduling  45 minute training session during each team meeting on topics that will help his team better support the people they work with.

The first area he wants to focus on is schizophrenia. Though the company does put on the Mental Health First Aid course four times a year, apart from the fact tof schizhat he can’t release a large number of his team members at the same time for a training course, he also can’t wait three months for a course.

Ola has decided to do the training in-house himself. The first topic he wants to concentrate on is schizophrenia because eight of the people living at Exeter House have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Ola intends to start with an overview awareness of schizophrenia using a quiz.The quiz will have 10 questions covering:

  • What schizophrenia is
  • Symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Possible courses of schizophrenia
  • Available treatments for schizophrenia

His goal is to introduce his team to various aspects of schizophrenia by first getting each team member to do the quiz, then he will go through the answers with them using the feedback he gives them on each question give them information about schizophrenia and where possible link the information to the people they support.

If you are interested in using a quiz as a fun activity to introduce introduce your team to schizophrenia or refresh their knowledge about the subject then you can use the 10 question schizophrenia quizi developed. The quiz comes with accompanying notes which you can use to facilitate the quiz. It also has a one-page summary guide on schizophrenia.

You can get the resource here.


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