The First Post!


Welcome to my inaugural KaredWell post. The very first one! While I’ve started a lot of blogs and left them to languish and then jump into my next idea, I don’t intend for that to happen with this blog. So what is the KaredWell blog about? To start with KaredWell is a small publishing project I am currently working on. This is the blog attached to the project.

What is KaredWell? About eight years ago I started working in an organisation that supports people with learning disabilities and mental health illnesses. I work as a learning and development practitioner within the organisation’s HR team. My job mainly involves building up staff capability to do their jobs through the provision of learning, training and development interventions. To perform my role effectively I am expected to be able to:

  1. Identify what staff need to learn to perform their roles effectively
  2. Design and develop interventions to support identified learning needs
  3. Implement and deliver learning interventions to meet the learning needs
  4. Evaluate whether the learning interventions were successful in helping to improve staff performance

I’ve done this role for a while, previously working in a financial services related company and a public sector organisation. But my current role is different and that is why I have stayed in the role more than twice the length of any other job I’ve done. In this role I feel that I’m contributing positively to people’s lives and I want to do even more. I want to support mental health care and support with my learning and development skills and experience. So last month I started a small side-project designing and developing training resources for people who provide nonclinical support to people with mental health support needs. By nonclinical support I am referring to people who don’t work as doctors, psychiatrists, mental health nurses or social workers.

I am rather referring to those who work as support workers, care assistants, peer mentors, community outreach support workers and the like. Having worked with people in these roles I have developed a lot of respect for them, as the service they provide supports people to live good lives. While I can’t work in any of these roles, I am able to contribute with my learning and development capabilities and that is what KaredWell is about.

Here is my vision in one statement:

To design, develop and publish learning, training and development resources for nonclinical mental health support woekers that are easily accessible, affordable and of good quality.

What can you expect from this blog?

I will be writing about resources I’m creating and how learning and development can promote great care and support. I’m also interested in data analytics, so I might drop in occasional post highlighting insights I’ve picked from analysing mental health related data.

Summarily the purpose of this blog is to showcase my passion about supporting mental health care and support with the way I know I can and I hope you will feel my passion.


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